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Glass cutting desks for sale

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Scoring head, glass cutting table, glass cutting table, glass cutting machine -Number: 23x scoring heads available Rt3ipjgcq -Manufacturer: Eitzenberger Luftlagertechnik GmbH -Article no.: 093329 -Price: per piece -packed: individually -Dimensions: 310/160/H60 mm -Weight: 0.5 kg/piece more
like new in a exelent condition Ogeql more
BAVELLONI MTS 42 - Year 2005 Cutting Table for Monolithic Glass Working Dimensions 3700x2750 mm Thickness 3-19 mm 2sbblq Speed 120 m/min. Power 21 kW Numerical control: 3 axes X, Y, C Programmable control (Plc): integrated in the numerical control with 64 inputs and 48 outputs Screen: 10" color monitor Control panel: with alphanumeric sensory keys with RS 232 more
Dimensions: 7000 x 3850 mm Effective cutting size: 6000 x 3210 mm Machine is modernized at manufacturer plant. Table top lifting by hydraulic system with two cylinders Anti-fall safety valves Powerful air cushion to ease sheets displacement with instant air flow stop on blower’s switching off (two blowers) New PC with R.O optimization software and GFP’s machine supervisory program Bb0ja8j 20” New monitor, OS Windows 10 New PLC – New Numeric Control on 3 axes. New electric cables on the machine b... more
PANNKOKE + POWERGRIND Bmfrvprdda VSG LAMI Laminated Glass Cutting Table – semi automatic incl. breaking / air cushion table with foil heating and air cushion, Power: 400 V, 50 Hz, ~3 ph. | Air: 6 bar In good condition more
Lager glass 5000 € Glass coating strip 10000 € Glass cutting table 15 000 € V3ymez All complet 25 000 € more
Circuit board for glass cutting table, glass cutting table, glass cutting machine -Manufacturer: INNOLAS Mhgqx8tv -Type: ZSB circuit board Impala 6x -Weight: 0.1 kg more
Cutting line including: - INTERMAC ELK 6100 charger, - truncation table INTERMAC Tronk 6100 Gcycqdf - cutting board INTERMAC FOX SHAPE 6100BC - RBB SP60-type starter Price FOB, (including dismantling, loading in to the sea containers and delivery to the port). We can offer for the client assembling this line any place in the world. more
Max. cutting length 3700 mm. Cwo9ui8e Very good condition! more
In excellent working condition glass cutting table from Bottero type 352BCS Modulinea. BOTTERO 352 BCS Jumbo - Cutting And Optimizing Table - 3200 x 6000 mm CNC Controlled Straight Cutting Table for the cutting, handling, breakout and loading of sheets of flat glass for jumbo sheets. A motorized gantry axis system moves the cutting bridge, and ensures maximum precision and stability during machining. The working head is equipped with an automatic cutting pressure management mechanism that enab... more
Automatic cutting table Elettroflex Bk9iudjfmo Bjarqg8ojv For monolitic glass Refurbishet-2017--new electic,electronic,soft,optimization Cutt linear and shapes Cutting tolerance=+/- 0,25 mm Glass dimension=3300x2550 mm Glass tickness=3-10 mm Tilting with breaking bars Can be tested at work more
Automatic application of glass 30 fields 6000 x 3210 Oc9fr Automatic Lowering Rail Automatic glass cutting table Automatic glass breakage CORRECT ALL 100% Year 1997 more
Precision bending beam for glass cutting table, glass cutting table, glass cutting machine -Manufacturer: INNOLAS S100-5N Rvglrl2py -Type: NJ Y123/101 -Weight: 0.1 kg more
Expoglass glass cutting table is a machine making the manual glass cutting more efficient and safe. The most important features of the Expoglass cutting table: - pneumatic tilting of the top Npf8d - pneumatic breaking bars - air cushion system Table available in dimensions: - 186 cm x 280 cm - 240 cm x 340 cm more
3 axis - X, Y and Z, able to cut shaped forms. Blamr3bona Optima optimisation software. Low-e removal / deletion system. Good condition! more
For the cutting of laminated glass with high tickness, armoured and anti-fire glass, that offers the possibility to make VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL cuttings with the rotation of the disc carrying head. Gy72p98fa In this way is possible to do cuttings on a glass sheet without manipulating or moving a glass sheet. High stability of the glass sheet - Easy and flexible operation - Saving of time - High quality of execution • High productivity with minimum displacement of the glass sheet; once the ... more
Bottero 231 automatic float glass cutting table Bkmp7tjj30 more
Float glass cutting machine, manufacturer Bottero, type GG 50 SB, also for forms and models, cutting system for split measurements, tiltable, breaking lines, glass thickness 3 - 19 mm, max. Glass dimensions: 3560x2750 mm Hhgdvc8x8 more
HEGLA, VSG-M-33, 2003 Semi autom. Laminated Glass Cutting Table for ½ Jumbo Glass (2550 x 3210 mm) – with heating, air cushion Halbautom. VSG Schneidtisch für ½ Jumbo für laminiertes Glas (2550 x 3210 mm), mit Trennheizung, Luftkissen Półautom. stół do rozkroju laminatów ½ Jumbo (2550 x 3210 mm) z podgrzewaniem folii, poduszka powietrzna Enrrqrfwu In working condition | In funktionsfähigen Zustand | Funkcjonujący (po przeglądzie) Do you need servicemen to relocate (disassemble / assemble) machi... more
Intermac Stork Straight-line cutting machine Bkr7tep2ds Dimensions: 3300X2600 more
with integrated applicator and air cushion table. In 2018 the heating was renewed. With support and removal tilting device Lg8ulue Data: - Videos from current production available - Also cuts float glass - Max. glass dimensions: 3300 x 4500 mm - Max. cutting length: 4500 mm - Max. glass width: 2500 mm (dimension is automatically adjustable at the control panel, the stops move automatically to the selected dimension) - Max. glass thickness VSG: 2 x 8 mm (optional 10 mm) - Glass thickness singl... more
Special System for cutting glass plates Bik92tbsxt with housing with CNC Controller Machine can view in Schlüsslberg/ Austria more
Autom. Glass Cutting Line HEGLA, ReMaster, Low-E Glass sizes: max. 3300 x 6000 mm / Jumbo Year: 2006 - PBS 6133 V (+ ART) – Glass Loading System, Gantry - 8 x “A” + 5 x “L” - Glass Storage Racks - Optimax 6133 PLUS TWIN Cut – Cutting Table for Low-E Glass - ReMaster - Autom. Glass Storage System - X/Y stat./stat. – Autom. Breakout System for Glass Fbnxpq3fk Very good condition. Dismantled. Do you need servicemen to relocate (disassemble / assemble) machines? Contact us. OVER 30 YEARS SERVING TH... more
This machine is in excellent condition and has not been used intensively. Gi2jhub8 See picture for the specifications. more
Bottero 352BCS Jumbo cutting table Nzecn more
Data: - Type: BCM - Serial number: 231/175 - Weight: 3000 kg Fr3dyjyls - Glass thickness: 2 - 19 mm - Max. glass dimensions: 3650 x 2750 mm - Can cut shapes - Space requirement: 4500 x 3500 mm - Incl. crushing table with crushing bars - Connected loads: 280 V, 50 Hz, 115 KvA, 36 A, 7 bar price on request more
Float glass cuttings till max. 6000 x 3210 mm, only a few operating hours! Nvofj more
BOTTERO Glass Cutting Line | Glasschneidanlage | Linia do rozkroju szkła - 543 LMT Autom. glass cutting table with Low-E grinding device | Glasschneidetisch mit Low-E Abschleifer | Autom. stół do rozkroju szkła ze szlifierką do Low-E Bhytlqgbi7 - moveable double sided loader, 2 + 2 positions (without glass racks) | Doppelseitige fahrbare Glasbeschickung 2 + 2 Positionen (ohne Glasböcke) | Dwustronny ruchomy załadunek szkła, 2 + 2 pozycje (bez stojaków na szkło). - tilting glass breaking table | ... more
Bavelloni Alpa 101 CnC machinery. Cwytsr3my For further details please contact us more
Bottero 530AVL-34 Max. cutting length: 3400mm Year: 2006 Bhekk2schf more
Data: - Manufacturer: Italiana Macchine - Type: FAST R 3200 LM - Serial number: 1023/08 - Year of construction: 2009 - For split belt sizes - Max. glass dimensions: 2600 x 3210 mm - With heating Bjqfx8c0mg - glass thickness: 2 x 10 mm - Upper and lower cutting head separately switchable - + Air cushion price on request more
Bottero glass cutting table in very good condition . V3nhwr Annual maintenance by Bottero until 2015, from 2016-2019 by B + N . At the beginning of 2019 a new PC was delivered by Bottero and installed by us. The machine can be inspected and tested in our factory by appointment. more
A good maintenance float cutting table with with grinding head, automatic Y-break installation and air table This year it is still in operation and will be available from January 2021. Nu8pn more
BYSTRONIC, XYZ F98R, year 2000 Autom. glass cutting table with Low-E grinding device Autom. Glasschneidtisch mit Low-E Entschichtung Autom. stół do rozkroju szkła ze szlifierką do Low-E In good condition – dismantled Techn. Zustand: gut | demontiert W dobrym stanie technicznym – zdemontowany Do you need servicemen to relocate (disassemble / assemble) machines? Contact us. Kontaktieren Sie uns bitte, wenn Sie unsere Servicetechnikern für die De-/Montagen brauchen. Potrzebujesz serwisantów do prz... more
Bottero 352BCS-J Max. dimension: 3210X6000 Izfico9 Year: 1996 more
Data: Manufacturer: Italiana Macchine - Type: FAST R 3200 LM - Serial number: 1013/10 - Year of construction: 2011 - Semi-automatic - For split belt sizes - Glass thickness: 3 - 15 mm - With digital display, support arms, air cushion - For longitudinal and cross section - Max. glass dimensions: 2600 x 3210 mm Bjqfxuruyf price on request more
Bottero 530AVL-46 +100BLC Loading table Max. cutting length: 4600mm 2k0ohox Year: 2006 more
Data: - Is going to be completely overhauled (+new felt) Bi2kurdnvy - Type: 352 BCS - Serial number: 352BCS/889 - Can also cut shapes - Weight: 2250 kg - Power: 380 V, 50 Hz, 14.5 KVA Price on request more
Intermac FOX 2500C Max. dimension: 1400x2500mm Cfsezmb Max. thickness: 19mm more
Data: - Serial number: 922i57/723 Type: 115/4 - Only cuts floatglass - Maschine dimension: Without bridge: 2700x4000x900 mm With bridge: 2950x4000x900 mm - Machine dimension dismantled: 2100x4100x1940 mm - Not tiltable Nx99n - 4x Longitudinal cutter - 1x cross cutter - 2x Breaking bars - Air cushion - Cutting dimension: 2250 x 3210 mm - Glass thickness: 2 – 19 mm - Own weight: 1000 Kg Preis auf Anfrage more
For glasses with thickness: 2-8 mm Data: - Max. glass dimension: 2000 x 1200 mm - Glass thickness: 2 - 8 mm Bfmsjhkmq3 - Cutting tolerance: +/- 0,02 mm - Can only cut float glass - Cuts on X- und Y-axis - cutting bridge for X-axis with 1 cutting head - cutting bridge for Y-axis with 1 cutting head - good angular accuracy - automatic conveyor table on rolls - dimensions could be entered automatically  easy intake - the machine is 2 x available Price on request more
Bottero 543LMT and 507CBM Loader Begfkvut7g Cutting table with LowE Loader with 8 positions more
Data: - table from running production - min. glass dimension: 200 x 150 mm - max. glass thickness: 2 x 2 - 2 x 10 mm - Dimension cutting table: 2550 x 3400 mm Vssdnu - Dimension tilting tale big: 3610 x 2380 mm - Dimension tilting table small 1: 3610 x 1000 mm - Dimension tilting table small 2: 3900 x 900 mm - machine has been overhauled by us Price on request more