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This is a fully refurbished, VERY powerful, multitasking Two (Twin) ARP Shaft Shredder. The machine has gone through complete check and change of all flanges, bearings, reducer and oil inside. The machine full specs are: - New motors of total power 20hp - 15kw (2 x 7,5kw motors) - Alternative hydraulic power motors which fit perfect if the machine needs to work on a truck. - 24 knife pieces X 20mm per piece - Made in Germany - Cutting chamber 500mm X 575mm - Approximate weight 2 tons ... more
Category of technical means: device / production line Type of technical means Recycling equipment Manufacturer TRIA Model: TX 90-42 Bevwft20qk Mileage: 1 400 h Production year: 2015 Equipment: single-shaft shredder, TRIA TX 90-42 granulator, MT belt conveyor Recycling, steel structure that can be a BIG BAG bag hanger, suction installation components. A set of devices intended for recycling. TRIA TX 90-42 - device designed for granulating plastic waste. GROSS GAZ132 - single shaft shr... more

Press container Bergmann APB606

Mülsen, GermanyGermany
5864 km
reconditioned (used)
Miner APB606 Built in 2013 - Technically outdated, painting possible in desired RAL. - W7og8 We are happy to create an offer including delivery. more
Capacity: 45 Suitability: Rubber, plastics, wood, organics 3-blade rotor 2 Statormesserreihen Rotor diameter: 400 mm F3ytmwj Rotor width: 1000 mm Inlet cross section: approx. 400 x 1000 mm Drive 45 kW (Serial number: 9843 / second-hand machine) more

Vibrating chute IFE UE 400 x 6300 FS

Mannheim, GermanyGermany
6074 km
excellent (used)
Vibror/task-holding, Propulsion: 2 x 0.9 kW Inner width: 410 mm, Interior length: About 4500 mm Bewhhtf7js more
Technical data baler Manufacturer Bollegraaf Typ HBC 80 A Year of construction / overhauling 1995 / 2006 overhauled by manufacturer Bollegraaf Hours of operation 23.260 h, stand 08/2017 Press power main press 78 to Press power of pre-press 45 to Feed channel 1.500 x 1.100 mm (l x w) Capacity per cycle time 2,9 cbm Theoretic cycle time 22 sec. Throughput rate under operating conditions up to 470 cbm/h Bale size 1.100 x 735 mm (w x h) length adjustable Driving motor 45 kW Connected l... more
1 piece used gravel-/ sand washing & screening machine with Aquamator Consist of: 1 piece AQUAMATOR brand: GfA yoc 1992 1 piece sand sreening / washing unit 1 deck brand: Freudenberg size: 2400 X 7000 1 piece control unit for a complete gravel screening/washing unit (Siemens S5) 1 piece charging hopper for gravel and sand Bevw7oz3s0 1 piece sand separabel funnel And the complete steel frame, steps etc. location: near Dessau / East Germany available: immediate price ... more
Beu03ngwmy GENOX V800 plastic crusher with equipment Manufacturer: GENOX Model: V800 single shaft Production year: 2016 Own weight: 3650 kg Dimensions of the filling: 1300 x 800 mm Knives on the rotor: 35 pieces Fixed knives: 4 pieces Processing a wide range of materials: plastics wood, wooden waste paper and fabric copper wires aluminum, cans Al fabrics, carpets production wastes from foam. more
Dear customers currently, we offer you a used WEGO removal system for portal milling machines. Here are the technical data of the system: Aspirator: Length: 3.190 mm Width: 2,090 mm Height: 6.470 mm Filter type: Star filter Nmgmj Filter area: 326 sqm Filter surface.: 100 cbm/qmh Filter hose: 3,000 mm Volume flow: 32,600 cbm/h Compressed air excess.: 7.5 bar/12 Ve. Filter fabric: BIA tested category "C" Late containers: Type: SB 400 Delimit snail: 0.48 kW Agitator: 0.37 kW Fi... more
Output: 37 kW Grinding cross ø: 625 mm Grinding Chamber width: 200 mm Number of blades: 24 Weight: approx. 1,350 kg Speed: 1.850Up/M Drive: 37 kW Suitability (depending on equipment): Particle board industry: Fine machining of flat chips and processing of wood chips, peeling, milling and wood shavings Blffdwkk Spices and Drogenmüllereien: Crushing of leaf, root and herb plants, stems, grasses and bark Chemical industry: Grinding of fertilizers, moulding compounds and other ... more

Shredder Forus HB 70

Altenkirchen, GermanyGermany
6183 km
ready for operation (used)
Forus 2 Wellenshredder Nmju9 more
Ready for sale a Bonfgilioli 800 tons machine which ready for sale now. Do not lost this opportunity have a new a machine! Stdnts more
WE SELL CHAIN CONVEYORS WITH 20 M. LENGTH FOR BALLER! Installation: Chain conveyor Horizontal part about 20 m long The width of the belt is 1400 mm, the width of the conveyor is 1300 mm Length of the ascending part - 8 - 12 m Ptyi3i Motor reducer - 5 - 7,5 kW Looks good! Price EXW LT - 15 000 eur more
Hub device for 240 l container tipping Bbrygmvsvw 1-column system including electrical control good condition, functional more
The VECOPLAN waste shredder (VAZ) is intended exclusively for the shredding of files. Throughput performance for materials such as: 1,200 kg/h-depending on the material Recyclable Vecoplan VAZ 145/135 P Power 55 kW Engine race current: 104 A Type of protection: IP 54 Overload protection Inlet length: 1450 mm Enlet width: 1350 mm Rotor width: 1299 mm Rotor diameter: 370 mm (flight circle) Speed: 135 U/min E-engine with turbo clutch, Wedge-rubbing, two-stage headllot gearbox Compac... more
The shredding plant pipe cutter is cutting module to a compact exhaust system including for crushing of punching grids (even self-adhesive), plastic straps, edge strips, etc. Advantages: -Cost-efficient milling and extraction system -High availability Kcsoppsm -Reduction of waste volume by integrated cutting module -Low energy consumption thanks to energy-efficient centrifugal fans -Low maintenance -Promotion of the cut material by the centrifugal fan -Return air in production area wi... more
We are selling Inox pipes fi 500 mm, intended for the extraction of sawdust and crushed wood. Well preserved. J8vjbuvi more
Matthiesen SRIII-KIV-72 - bag opener Year of construction - 2006 Long task bunker - 10,300 mm Total length - 12,300 mm Wide task bunker - 1800 mm Bdsvldzhpo Total width - 2250 mm High task bunker - 2700 mm Total height - 3500 mm Electric power rotor - 15 Kw, hydraulic power pack - 1,5 Kw, drive feed bunker - 2,2 Kw Performance Capacity 9-12t / h PRICE ON REQUEST! more

Plastic film washing line Gelpod 500

Vilnius, LithuaniaLithuania
5390 km
refurbished (used)
For sale is film washing line after full refurbishment Nkqeb Line has a shredder, 2 washing baths, grinder, screw compactor, centrifuge, 2 conveyors. For more pictures and information please contact. Line capacity 300-500kg/h , depending on material that is put in. more

Recyclable crushed plant Vecoplan

Grafenwöhr, GermanyGermany
5855 km
good (used)
Recyclable crushed plant 1xTask band as KGF, manufacturer Paal -L = about 11,000 mm -Bousness 1000 mm 1x recyclable Vecoplan VAZ 145/135 P, -Built in 1995 -Power 55 kW -Turning 135 U/min -Hydrodynamic clutch -Compact unit with 2 working speeds -Feed unit -Control cabinet complete -Operating hours 2724 hours 1x Austragsband, manufacturer Paal I27lowev -L = about 6,500 mm -Bousness 1000 mm 1x Bunker Band, manufacturer Paal -L = about 7,500 mm -Bousness 1800 mm -H = ... more
Power: 2 .2kW 7-blade rotor 1 Statormesserreihen Rotor diameter: 180 mm Nmjwh Inlet cross section: approx. 300 x 200 mm Drive motor 2 .2kW 5xGRS 182-A5 and 4xGRS 182-A7 Suitability: Gates, small parts (Serial number: 10787, 10788, 10789, 10790, 10792, 10793, 10794, 10795, 10796 / second-hand machine) more

Mobile double drum filter Terra Select DT60E

Ebreichsdorf, AustriaAustria
5480 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Terra Select DT60E-100 hours of operation Mobile 3 faction screen -Perkins diesel generator 48 kVA (can be operated via electricity, but also via generator) -Bunker volume 6m ³ -Inner drum 30mm hole -Exterior drum 10mm hole -Fine grain band as long version 4.900mm -Medium grain band as an extra long version 8.060mm Bevzzrvhap -Oversucor band as an extra-long version 6.000mm -Magnetic roll on the central grain band -Magnetic roll on the overgrain band Can be used in a wide variety of... more
Dear customers currently, we offer you a mobile suction system of the Esta brand. Here are the technical data of the machine: Beuhnrnido Max air volume flow: 720 m ³/h Connector diameter: 100mm Max low pressure: 2,800 Pa Closing voltage: 230 V Drive power: 1.3 kW Filter area: 3.5 m ² Dimensions (L/B/H): 1,165 x 530 x 1.636 mm Weight: 120 kg Schallemission: 73 dB We look forward to hearing from you! more

Prescontainer for sale ! LM20L

Vilnius, LithuaniaLithuania
5392 km
good (used)
We sell and rent prescontainers from manufacturer LUDDEN & MENNEKES GmbH! Technical specifications: Year of construction: 2003 Front hook (foldable) Very quiet hydraulic pump <63 dB (A) Timer for setting the pressing time Volume: 20 m³ Container gauges: (L1 x W x H): 6.140 x 2.500 x 2.600 mm Landing hole 1,780 x 1,880 mm Filling opening: 1.465 x 1.880 mm Pressing system: horizontal pressure plate Pressure piston height: 600 mm Beiot0jcxd Productivity per hour: 105.0 m3 Cycle ... more
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